Hotels in Tavira

Here’s a list of some of the finest hotels in the area of Tavira, Portugal. Each one has something novel to offer the tourist. Book early for a good deal.

Vila Gale
Vila Gale is ideally located in Tavira, with rooms that provide great views and overlook the town, giving visitors the chance to get a glimpse of life in this small Portuguese municipality. Accommodation is modest and the rooms themselves are comfortable, spacious and clean. The swimming pool as seen in the picture is large, and is a great way to cool down after a day of exploring the surrounding residential area. The vicinity is quiet and is home to several local restaurants for those who wish to save on dining, which is exquisite in both cases, with an array of authentic dishes to choose from. The hotel has good facilities including Internet access and is located near the River Gilao.
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Pousada Convento da Grasa
Yet another relaxing location in Tavira, Pousada Convento da Grasa is surrounded by scenic and architectural beauty, and offers its guests ample opportunities to experience it to the max. The hotel has modest facilities and friendly staff who will make your stay all the more enjoyable. Rooms are airy and comfortable and the food is a treat for tourists. Tavira Island is not far away and as mentioned above can be reached by ferry. Overall the hotel offers much to the vacationer.

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Cabanas Park
Closer to the centre of Tavira is the Hotel Cabanas Park. With the river on one side and the beach not more than 400 metres away on the other, this is a great place to see the city of Tavira at its busiest and most exciting, while still getting the relaxation you need from the great hotel facilities. The hotel grounds contain 2000 square metres of garden and a swimming pool, along with other sports areas, including tennis courts and a golf course not far away. The rooms are luxurious and well-equipped, with Internet access if you want to save on the hassle of using the connections downstairs. There are kids’ areas and adult Jacuzzis, and delicious food for a stimulating dining experience. Outside the hotel you will find great shopping and entertainment for the whole family.
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Vila Gale Albacora
Another example of the quaint beauty of Tavira, Vila Gale Albacora is located away from the city centre and offers a getaway from city life. You can expect to have a relaxing holiday at this hotel while still engaging in some fun activities like spending time at the pool or at the beach. A ferry is also available to the island on a daily basis, so miles of pure sand and bright sun at the coast are only a short ride away. Food is good and the rooms are comfortable. You may have a problem with finding regular public transport so far from the city centre, so renting a vehicle may be a wise decision.

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Herdade da Corte
This lovely little villa just outside the city of Tavira is known for its peacefulness and ambiance and offers a getaway in the true sense of the word to anyone who is lucky enough to find it. Everyone who’s visited the hotel at some point remembers the warm hospitality of the owners Adriana and Jorge, and will never forget their mouth-watering home-cooked meals. The décor is austere but stylish and gives the rooms and other areas of the hotel, including the patio, a welcoming and wholesome atmosphere. The picturesque surroundings make sightseeing a common hobby.

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